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Our group includes members from both the Physics Department and the School of Education.

Katherine Crimmins Ansell

Katherine Crimmins Ansell
Katherine Crimmins Ansell
255 Loomis Laboratory

Doctoral Student in Physics

Katie is a Ph.D student with a BS in physics and music from the University of Michigan. In her research, she explores the implementation and effects of incorporating hands-on learning into online contexts at the college level using current technology, including the IOLab device developed by her advisor, Mats Selen. In addition to her work in PER, Katie teaches physical science to sixth and seventh graders at the Campus Middle School for Girls.

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Papers & talks

FFPER poster presentation: Same data, different conclusions: Comparison of inquiry and validation laboratory instruction on student interpretation of data

Copy of Katie Ansell's poster describing effects of skills-focused lab instruction on student data analysis strategies and the conclusions they reach.