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Thermodynamics Interactive Example

A monatomic, ideal gas is in a sealed container (the number of gas molecules is always constant: n = 2 moles); the initial pressure is Pi = 1.01 x 105 Pa and the initial volume is Vi = 0.0224 m3.

  • First, the volume of the gas is decreased at a constant pressure (at Pi = 1.01 x 105 Pa) to a final volume of Vf = 0.0155 m3.
  • Second, the pressure of the gas is increased at a constant volume (at Vf = 0.0155 m3) to a final pressure of Pf = 1.35 x 105 Pa.

How much heat was added to (give as a positive number) or removed from (give as a negative number) the system? (The gas constant R = 8.31 J/mole-K.)

Q = J