Featured project: IOLab

PER has developed the IOLab system, built around a low-cost, easy-to-use, all-purpose handheld device that performs a myriad of functions for both introductory and advanced physics courses.

Physics 100

Physics 100 is a preparatory course for the calculus-based introductory mechanics course. It is intended to give under-prepared students the skills and confidence needed to be successful in the introductory sequence. Physics 100 is an 8-week course covering kinematics and dynamics. Students complete many of the course components on the web and meet once a week in a 2-hour discussion section. One of the online components is the newly developed interactive lectures that incorporate audio commentary and controlled navigation. Other web components include Just-in-Time Teaching, homework, and weekly quizzes. To learn more about the course and its effectiveness, contact Gary Gladding or visit the course website.